Subject: Visual Merchandising

2 year

Task: create a brand and visual merchandising that represent brand values

Japanese Lolitas

Subject: Semiotics

2 year

Task: research and analyze socio-fashion phenomenon of Lolitas in Japan

Jil Sander Fragrance

Subject: Styling and Fashion Events
2 year
Task: create a fragrance for a fashion house, include moodboard and possible sequence for the video.

Belka & Strelka

Subject: PR

2 year

Task: pick up a young unknown designer; create and further develop PR plan.

Fashion trip in Europe

Article: Fashion trip in Europe

Magazine: Riviera (Novorossyisk)

Jil Sander` s Background

Subject: Styling and Fashion Events
2 year
Task 1: describe the background of a chosen fashion house
Task 2: analyze its last 4 runaways

Duo Magazine

Subject: Fashion Journalism
2 year
Task: create a magazine with a unique way of distribution


Subject: : Communication

2 year

Task: Plan pick up a celebrity who became CPB (Creative Personal brand) 

During our work we also decided to include the product that this celebrity can create in further and that is coherent with this celeb.

Fashion Industry in Russia

Subject: Emerging Markets
2 year

Task: Analyze fashion market in Russian, consumer behavior. Make a research about global and local fashion companies and fashion events. Find new opportunities and future perspectives. Make a SWOT analysis of Russian Fashion Industry.


Subject: Styling and Fashion Events

2 year

Task: Project " Through the key-hole".

Make a research about trends in s/s 2010 collections to find a trend. In accordance with your trend make an editorial with an inspiration and mood diaries.

Glamorous "Fuck"

Subject: Stylist

2 year

Task:  take current trends as inspiration to make a photo of accessories, jewelries or make up.

"Keep your trash!"

Subject: Project Development
1 year
Tasks: 1. Design a T-shirt with an strong meaning:
2. Incorporate that t-shirt into a guerrilla action
3. Prepare a 2 min video to show out it
4. Develop a viral campaign


Subject: Coolhunting
1 year
Task: Make a research of Barcelona` s street fashion and find a target. Communicate with this target for finding out its needs and style of life. Create a new product to fulfill the niche and find potential clients who might be interested in producing this good/service.

Clubnika "Клубника"

Subject: Project Development"Hunter Project"

1 year

Task 1: Develop the idea of New feminism. Select a target. Analise consumer behavior and the psychology of a market.
Task 2: Create a brand according to a chosen target and develop a concept of a brand. Make the challenges, market research and segmentation, strategies and promotion.

Day & Night

Subject: Fashion Stylist
2 year
Task: pick up one garment and use additional items to create two looks: daywear and nightwear

Bohemian chic "Nekane"

Subject: Retail Marketing

2 year

Task: analyze the target "bohemian chic". Analyze Spanish brand Nekane: its retail marketing strategy.

Magazine "Blow" and Advertising

Subject: Fashion Systems
1 year

Task: To create a new magazine with a name Blow.

To make a cover page (with a photo of a part of you body) and the back of a magazine.